Harmonising Your Insurance Technology Ecosystem

CJ Cube Technologies provides smart solutions that complement and improve an insurer’s IT landscape.
We help harmonise the insurance carrier’s ecosystem to give them a boost in their 
digital transformation journey.

We believe that insurance technology solutions become truly powerful if they work in harmony with other solutions. CJ Cube wants its own solutions to be the glue that brings these insurance software and applications together, interoperating seamlessly to form an insurer’s IT ecosystem. 

Our passion is building smart solutions to insurance business problems. And while software is the thing that we sell, the dream really, is to help bolster confidence and trust in the insurance industry through innovative technology.

We are based in Dublin, Ireland and we are helmed by the entrepreneur-technologist tag team that is Christine and Jay; between them more than 40 years of business retail and software solutions leadership.

Christine Antonio

Founder, CFO & Chief Marketing Officer


20+ years of management, sales, trading, and marketing experience running tyre distribution and automotive businesses in the Philippines.

Jay Antonio

Founder, CEO & Chief Architect


20+ years of Insurance technology experience designing and developing software solutions globally for a Fortune 500 Insurance company.

Ways to Partner with Us

As a Client. We are looking for early adopters of Cymphony Cubes. If Cymphony Cubes can help in any way with your use case, reach out to us and we will be happy to join you in your journey.

As a Technology Partner. We are looking for technology partners we can collaborate with to mutually enhance our business offerings. 

As Design Partner. We are looking for insurance SMEs and technologists to join our kickstart design group.